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Surrounding Area

We are very lucky to be able to train in Hillesley, South Gloucestershire surrounded by 1700 acres of woodland and open fields.

These areas are a huge asset to our training as the environment is very calm and relaxed. With logs and schooling facilities throughout the woodland and grass areas we are able to train and teach horses to jump and work without being hard on them and putting them under too much pressure. This allows each horse to enjoy their work going up and down the hills and is a great change of scenery away from the gallop. It is great for the horses mentality and keeps them fresh doing different things. All this helps the horse to perform to the best of their ability when they need to.    


We have a 20 x 60 carpet arena that we use for warming up and schooling.

Our jump horses get a lot of fitness by jumping round continuously over fences and hurdles. This is a very crucial part of our training, getting them to pre-race fitness and allowing them to maintain fitness as well as enjoying the jumping.

All-Weather Gallops

Both of our all-weather gallops are on a carpet surface.

The 4 furlong gallop climbs 38 metres from the bottom to the top, and the 1 mile gallop has a gentle incline of around 15 metres from the bottom to the top. This helps the horse to push and use themselves properly gaining maximum fitness and strength. 

Schooling Facilities

As well as having logs and obstacles throughout the woodland we have our own schooling field. We have two hurdles and two baby fences along with a line of 3 full sized national hunt fences; this is also great for the horses fitness and teaching them to jump.

Horse Walker

We have a horse walker for warming up before exercise and cooling down after.

Starting Stalls

We have a 4 bay set of starting stalls.

They are mobile so we can move them between the arena where we are able to start them off and jump them out loose and then we can have grass gallop ridden stalls practice.





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